Floral abstractions

From a photographic point of view I’ve always been attracted by flowers, but I’ve never been satisfied with the photos I was able to take. Despite of my efforts they all had an “already seen” feeling. At some point I realized that I should have not been trying to photograph the flower itself, instead I had to focus on what I saw in the flower and its delicate shapes and colors. The following photos are not part of a planned documentary. The pictures show flowers found almost by accident while I was out shooting for other reasons. Ironically I have no flowering plants on my terrace! I like the idea of being able to capture the ephemeral essence of flowers, and to transpose their delicacy and lightness into the photographic medium. This does not always happen, it is hard to photograph one of the most overworked subjects without falling into deja-vu or encyclopedic photo-documentary. I try to render the flower filtering it through my sensibility, visualizing its representation even before I photograph it. Making it, if possible, even more ethereal and delicate than in the real world. It’s a kind of idealization, a snapshot of an idea that comes to fulfillment in the beauty of shapes and colors. They can be details taken out of context, spots of color or the entire flower: it is not important “what”, much more important is “how.” “How” in terms of visual, non technical. Technique is absolutely superfluous and can become an useless burden. “How” I see when shooting and “how” I would like others to see, or maybe better “feel”, my photos. If these two “how” coincide then I took a good photo, otherwise I’ll just wait for the next flower …


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