The Photographer’s Eye: Composition and Design for Better Digital Photos – Michael Freeman

In March 2009 I decided to buy this book, driven by the curiosity that many  prasings reviews had instilled in me. It’s a book that conquers and drags you into reading it as a vortex. The pages fly away one by one while searching for the useful tips and interesting technical/artistic thoughts of the author, a well-known reportage photographer. The book focuses mainly on the composition, not as a mere technical rule to be blindly followed, but more as a collection of psychological and cultural aspects to keep in mind when taking a photo. Each paragraph, short and well-written, is supported by an extensive series of photographs that the author describes in detail, both as a technical choices that realization. The feeling you get while reading, which persists even after, is of a informal chat with a professional photographer who gives a series of fascinating tricks of the trade, never being pedantic or didactic.

It’s a book that, when finished, will set a series of firm points in your mind which hardly you will forget and at the same time it leaves you with the satisfying feeling of having invested a few time to proficiently increase your photographic culture.

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