Behind the shot – “On the run”

On the run

[lang_en]While I was lying on the groud using the last rays of the sunset trying to shoot some waders, I noticed with the corner of my eye a beautiful fox on the run 60-70 meters from me. This is  the only successful shot out of a sequence and it’s a kind of a small miracle … The camera was set on continuous drive, fast burst and auto iso … The problem was that the tripod (a Manfrotto 055X PROB) was in the lowest open position with its column set horizontally to be as close as possible to the ground … I quickly get on my knees, pivoting on two of the tripod legs I managed to rotate it vertically (basically a mix between a tripod and a monopod …) framed and pressed the shutter button. The D300s’ autofocus has proved its reliability.

For the more curious following you can find shooting data:

D300s, Sigma 400 Apo macro + SigmaTC 1.4x EX, f/8, spot metering, 1/80 s (!), iso 3200.


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